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Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant who claims Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in 2007, is suing the president in state court for defamation. But... [Read More]
Summer Zervos' lawsuit against Donald Trump raises a key question: Can you bring a civil lawsuit in state court against the President? [Read More]
Marco Rubio declared he will vote against it unless negotiators expand the tax credit that low-income Americans can claim for their children... [Read More]
'Around Christmas, I remember my daughter Naomi and my son Beau—just as I know the Sandy Hook families do'... [Read More]
Joe Biden says he owes Anita Hill an apology over the treatment she faced in 1991 when she testified before Congress that Clarence Thomas had... [Read More]
Joe Biden consoled Meghan McCain in an emotional moment on the View, as her father is treated for the same brain cancer that killed his... [Read More]
An FBI agent removed from Robert Mueller's investigative team over politically charged text messages referred to Donald Trump as an "idiot" [Read More]
President Donald Trump reportedly drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day. Here's what drinking that much diet soda might do to your heart, mind and body... [Read More]
Melinda "Mindy" McGillivray, who says that Donald Trump groped her in 2003, is joining calls for an investigation into sexual misconduct accusations against him. McGillivray... [Read More]
President Donald Trump targeted the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, calling their claims "false" and "fabricated." [Read More]
President Donald Trump said the attack on New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal was the result of a 'lax' immigration system... [Read More]
President Donald Trump loves watching cable news and his tweets provide the proof. [Read More]
Foreign policy experts on both sides of the aisle predicted that President Trump's decision to take the U.S. out of the world's most significant agreement... [Read More]
The White House denied allegations of sexual misconduct against President Trump, after three of his accusers called for an investigation. [Read More]
Pentagon official: transgender people can enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite President Donald Trump's opposition. [Read More]
Three women who accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment revisited their allegations a year later, this time amid the #MeToo movement. [Read More]
Thousands gathered near the U.S. embassy in Jakarta to protest President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel... [Read More]
"Saturday Night Live" took aim at politicians on both side of the aisle with sexual harassment allegations against them. [Read More]
President Trump's celebration of the civil rights movement went on without Rep. John Lewis, while other activists protested... [Read More]
CNN corrected a story that suggested the Trump campaign had been tipped off early about WikiLeaks documents damaging to Hillary Clinton. [Read More]