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President Donald Trump prides himself on getting by with just four or five hours of sleep at night, which leaves him plenty of time early... [Read More]
Like it or not, politics could be the topic of conversation around your Thanksgiving table this week. It seems unavoidable, just as it has been... [Read More]
The Pentagon's official Twitter account retweeted a post Thursday calling on President Donald Trump to resign from office. The tweet posted by user @ProudResister on... [Read More]
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is under fire from his own viewers because he debunked what the network dubbed the Hillary Clinton ... [Read More]
A necessary exercise for America is approaching. It is becoming necessary to seriously look at the order of presidential succession. If President Donald Trump is... [Read More]
WASHINGTON To Donald Trump: As one who spent nearly two years of his life as a journalist focused on Watergate, I have one piece of... [Read More]
The House Intelligence Committee is interviewing the co-founder of the firm that assembled a dossier claiming links between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and ... [Read More]
Two Pennsylvania lawmakers rank among the biggest congressional spenders at properties owned by President Donald Trump, according to a Washington Post report. The Post said... [Read More]
Donald Trump's first secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, was an ideological warrior, bent as the president is ... [Read More]
Unless my memory is more faulty than I want to admit, I recall Donna Brazile admitting to leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton. This seems... [Read More]
Energy Secretary Rick Perry claims his plan to further subsidize the failing coal and nuclear power industries is crucial to improving the electrical power grid.... [Read More]
Last night I heard messages from past presidents, all grateful to Trump: Nixon: 'Thanks, Donald, for removing me from the top of the 'most paranoid... [Read More]
After the election of Donald Trump last year, nobody could have predicted the backlash that was to follow. The election did not turn out as... [Read More]
Businesswoman Anita Prizio's strong support for Bernie Sanders and her deep disappointment in the outcome of the presidential election persuaded her to return to public... [Read More]
The dam is breaking for Donald Trump as an increasing number of honorable, courageous, truth-telling Republicans come forward with passionate, articulate and persuasive arguments against... [Read More]